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If you haven’t had a chance to read my romantic comedy, No Such Luck, Kindle Press is currently promoting it in their 150 Kindle books for $1.50 each. It’s a great deal and it’s running through April 30. Check it out at:

Great news! “No Such Luck” will be released April 12!

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Mentioned by Ms. Bird Lady: The Intellectual Blog

Honored to be mentioned by Ms. Bird Lady’s blog: “During this past Year of the Indie Books, there were 10 Indie Chick-Lit Authors that truly impressed me with the quality of their writing. These authors should frankly be mainstream. They are THAT GOOD!!!!
I will be keeping an eye out for their future works, and continuing to catch up with their past works for this blog! [ 1313 more words. ]

Great news! No Such Luck has received a publishing contract from Kindle Press!

Thank you to all who nominated me. This wouldn’t have happened without you! We’re getting it ready right now, and those who nominated No Such Luck will receive a free digital copy from Kindle Press before the publication date in March. I hope to know the exact date soon! Thank you again.

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Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with family and friends. If you are in need of a little quiet time, please check out my new novel, “No Such Luck”. I’ve entered it in the Kindle Scout Program. This is a reader-powered publishing program for new novels. If you click on the link below, you can read “No Such Luck” for free. If you like it, please nominate it for publishing before January 25. If I get enough nominations and a publishing contract, you will get a free digital copy when it’s published for your Kindle.
Thank you in advance and I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!

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Super Natalie on sale for .99 cents!

In honor of Halloween, Super Natalie–a frightfully fun novel about a girl who sees ghosts–is on sale through October for just 99 cents! Buy the ebook now at or Barnes & Noble.


Interview with Viva Glam Magazine

Check out this interview with Viva Glam Magazine! Click Here


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone and congrats to the five winners of the book giveaway!