Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope 2012 is starting out well for all of you. I seem to be off and running and am already behind schedule on a few things. Some of you have been asking me when my next novel, Manifesting Mr. Right will go on sale. I’m aiming for the beginning of summer. I’d like to say it will be out sooner, but unfortunately, I’m in the busy time of year for my voiceover work, which means my writing time often gets hijacked.
It does become a little challenging, bouncing between two time-consuming careers, especially since I’m the type of writer who does not work from an outline. I write stream of consciousness, which is great when I’m outside on my laptop, pecking away at the keyboard for several hours at a time. Not so great when I get interrupted and have to stop writing for a couple of weeks. It would be much easier to pick up where I left off if I worked from an outline. But I just can’t.
I remember when my screenwriting professor in college told the class that every writer worked from an outline. No exceptions. Naturally, our assignment was to write an outline for our screenplay over the following 3 weeks. After our outlines were approved, we’d spend the rest of the semester writing the screenplay. Sounds simple, right?
I tried to write an outline, honestly I did, but it didn’t feel organic to me, and it came out predictable and contrived. After a week of struggling and with my deadline looming, I remember sitting down with my hands positioned over the keys and I just began typing. I knew what my story was about and I knew the ending, but that was it. I kept my mind open and I soon heard my characters speaking to me. I wrote the screenplay in twelve
days, then quickly put an outline together from that, which ended up being so much better than my first attempt. Not only did I get an “A,” but doing it backwards taught me how to
write a synopsis.
I guess it just goes to show that there is no one way to do things. Everyone is different, so why wouldn’t we all have different ways of working? It’s all about process and what works for you. To me, my way of writing is exciting—not knowing where my characters are taking me. Kind of like life.
As Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely stated, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Enjoy the ride.

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