Taking my career into my own hands

As you know, I currently make my living as a voice actor and voice casting director, but I didn’t come out to Hollywood to pursue a voice acting career. I came out to be an on-camera actor. Unfortunately, the be-yourself-and-you’ll-do-well advice I received from my acting coach was the worst advice I could have received. I may have been given a four-year college scholarship for my portrayal of Emily in Our Town, but my sweet-girl-next-door persona would do nothing for my acting career.

I soon learned that all casting directors and agents put every actor in a category, and the girl-next-door category, which I was occupying, was oversaturated with cute girls from the Midwest. Hollywood, when I arrived, was already looking for the next best thing.

Of course, being new, just like the whole internet not catching on thing,  I hadn’t yet figured this out. I, at least, knew something wasn’t working. In my first year, I changed agents three times, paid good money to get new headshots four times, and I still only managed to get 6 auditions all year. I still wasn’t standing out for whatever reason. Refusing to give up and go home, I decided to brand myself. I gave myself a makeover, placed myself in a very specific category, and suddenly the doors opened and the work came pouring in.

Naturally, I had to write about this crazy idea and even crazier experience in my new novel titled, My Big Fake Irish Life. Even though My Big Fake Irish Life is fiction, it is based on my own true story—one that had me leading a double life, and, um…well…still has me leading a double life (gasp) with some friends and some work situations.

Kind of bold, kind of daring, and maybe a little crazy, I know, but what do you expect from someone who works 14 hours a day in the film industry—an industry where reality is relative? At least I try to make reality fun.

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