My Big Fake Irish Life

Twenty-six-year-old Linda Symcox has been chasing her lifelong dream of becoming an actress for the last five years, so when she gets a chance to read for a popular television series, she takes an extended lunch in order to make the audition. After all, it could be her lucky break.

But the “quick” audition takes over two hours costing Linda her telemarketing job; and when she doesn’t book the acting gig, her agent fires her too, explaining that she just doesn’t have “it.”

The elusive “it.” As much as Linda wants to hate her ex-agent for being so insensitive, he gets her thinking in a new direction. If she doesn’t have it, what if she re-invented herself and became someone who did? But who? From where? And just as she’s pondering this question, Linda learns she’s going to Ireland. Could she become a convincing Irish lass?

After returning home, Linda gives herself a complete makeover and re-emerges as Meghan O’Connell from Galway, Ireland. It seems the new Meghan has arrived just in time. A high-powered casting director is looking for an unknown to fill the lead role of a new television series called Soul Saver. And the actress must be Irish.

Meghan goes into the audition pretending to be from Ireland. She is so convincing that she lands the role and, in an instant, her life is changed forever. On the first day of filming her new television series, pretending-to-be-Irish Meghan O’Connell meets her co-star, Michael, who happens to have met her before–when she was Linda, the American. Will Michael blow her cover? Worried that he will, Meghan decides to simply stay away from him. But how can she when they are working so closely together? Worse, how can she stay away from the guy she’s falling in love with?

This problem is the beginning of many, and what had started out as an innocent little lie ends up snowballing into an insane comedy of errors. Meghan’s lie forces her to live a double life that eventually affects her family, friends, and most importantly her new boyfriend to the point that she has to decide on telling the truth and giving up her lifelong dream, or living the lie and losing the people she loves.

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Really good story. (Amazon UK Review)

By Kathy
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book is great and I am now reading more of the same author. She is great. This book had a really good story and was funny.


Fantastic book (Amazon UK Review)

By Joanne Middleton
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a book you must read. It is hard to put down. It is a great story and in parts extremely funny. The best book I have read yet.


Loved it!
By Abigail
This review is from: My Big Fake Irish Life (Kindle Edition)
Super cute book! I didn’t want it to end! But the ending is definitely a good one!! I could definitely see myself r reading this book again.


AMAZING i love this book because even thought the author is american the irish phrases are real.
By Dominika
This review is from: My Big Fake Irish Life (Kindle Edition)
The book is amazing, i love the chcracters and how the irishness in it is really real. and how there is love in it too.


love it
By happy client
This review is from: My Big Fake Irish Life (Kindle Edition)
its a funny book, and teaches one that when someone really wants something me must work for it! never give up!


Very funny story!
By Peg
This review is from: My Big Fake Irish Life (Kindle Edition)
This was a very funny read. I read it in one day and thoroughly enjoyed it. Buy it. You won’t be sorry.


A fun journey!, December 7, 2012(Amazon Review)

Not only is the Irish dialect entertaining, so is the story about a gal seeking to find her place in acting. A fun story from beginning to end.

5 Stars for My Big Fake Irish Life, December 5, 2012(Amazon Review)

I love this book. It was tragic and comical at the same time. I enjoyed everything she had to go through, because it sounds almost like something someone might go through to get where they want to be. review by Jamie Macham-Case

Loved the heroine!(Amazon Review)

By Heather Hiestand “author” (Washington State, USA) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: My Big Fake Irish Life (Kindle Edition)
This book was so much fun. I devoured 3/4ths of it in one day, and I really don’t have that kind of time, but I couldn’t put it down! I enjoyed the heroine and how she struggled with herself, as well as the author’s interpretation of the Irish character.

Fantastic Book! Couldn’t put it down!, December 31, 2011
TawnyCaramel (Los Angeles)
This review is from: My Big Fake Irish Life (Kindle Edition)

What a fantastic book! The characters are endearing, interesting and highly relatable! The storyline is intruiging and hilarious, and also lends truth to the saying that “perception is reality”. Caitlyn McKenna is a wonderful author, and keeps you captivated with her storytelling. Not only do I look forward to her future endeavors, but I hope Hollywood picks up this gem as it would make a great movie!

A witty novel with hilarious characters., December 16, 2011
V. Apple (California, USA)
This book is an extremely entertaining insight into the crazy world of Hollywood where nothing is at it seems. The heroine is very endearing and I laughed out loud at some of the situations as she sinks deeper and deeper into a spiral of lies. While setting the stage for a cute romantic comedy, this is also a sharp look at stereotypes in Hollywood and the fact that in this world how you market yourself is everything. “In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!” I especially loved the characters of the parents, they are hysterical! Truly enjoyable.

What a Great Story, November 4, 2011
By Joan
This was a very easy reading story and I really enjoyed it a lot. It’s a book that you just don’t want to put down until you finish reading. It would make a good movie that would be funny and enjoyable.


Laughed out loud, could not stop reading – highly recommend!!!, November 1, 2011
By NormaJean09
The first night I downloaded and started reading I read the first 10 chapters, it was so entertaining, I wanted to stop and go to bed but I kept reading…refreshing story with tons of humor and a lot of heart. Caitlin McKenna is a great story teller, if you have not read her book “Logging Off” you must check it out too!

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